As I sat in the NICU a little over a year ago I thought It was the longest most draining time of my life. I watched my newborn cry in pain, he was content and comfortable in my womb, he was safe, and then his world got turned upside down and was exposed … More broken.


First off Thank you everyone from all over the world for praying for Lincoln, we feel so loved by you all! Our day has been a long one. His surgery was scheduled at 10:30 and ended up not starting until 1:30.   The 4 hour surgery turned into a 6 hour surgery. Lincoln is okay. … More Surgery

Bone Marrow Results

His Bone Marrow is healthy! As of right now they still don’t know why his ANC levels are so low. The doctor said that It could take up to 2 months to figure it out. They have been doing things a little out of order to get Lincoln into Surgery ASAP and safely. Our Plan- Adam … More Bone Marrow Results


After our 2 hour drive to Seattle Children’s we started the visit with Lincoln needing 5 vials of blood. They needed to check his ANC levels- the particular white blood cell level we have been watching, his full blood count and his blood type-in case he needs a blood transfusion during surgery. After we retrieve blood we meet … More Seriously.


Just when you think everything is falling into place. The house is all unpacked, Adam is settled into his new job, Zion is loving his new school- he’s even riding the bus now, we are making new friends, and spending every second we can get to explore our new found love for this state. We’re … More MRI II


In the days leading up to Lincolns First Birthday I have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions. As the reality hits me I’m in complete awe at how fast this year has gone by. You’re my last baby, Lincoln. They say once you turn one you’re no longer a baby but now a toddler… I’m … More one