The night before Lincoln was born we had family over, BBQed because it was the first day of spring in Colorado and watched the cousins play and giggle, compared bellies with my sister as she grew a little girl within her. I had no idea Lincoln would be joining us the next day. I was only 34 weeks along. We woke up and had a quiet morning with contractions getting closer together. Kema, Adams mom came over to watch the kids because the contractions were also getting stronger, we laughed and said we would probably be back home later, gave Zion and Ruthie a kiss and hug goodbye and thought if anything, I would see them that evening because in my mind, I couldn’t possibly. really. be in labor.

Well I was. My water was slowly breaking, the night before I thought it could have been. I was dilated to a 6 and they scheduled me for a C-Section an hour later because Lincoln was Breech.

I was completely shocked. It wasn’t what I had planned. I had a birth photographer lined up, I was going to push this baby out in 15 min like I did my other two.

Lincoln came out via C Section a whole 4lbs. His head fit in the palm of my tiny hand. He had the most beautiful deep blue eyes and he gazed at me knowing I was his mama.Lincoln's TTFP Session-0064.jpg

Then he was whisked away and my loving dear husband gave me the look I’ll never forget. I was laying on the operating table and had no control of my body to get up and see what was going on. I felt like I was in quick sand, trapped. Adam then told me they think Lincoln has a skin condition.

Ok, big deal right? a skin condition, eczema or something?

I had never heard of Ichthyosis before that day. Nobody knew what to do. I thought my newborn wouldn’t make it through the night. The only thing that comforted him was daddy’s singing and my skin. I was handed a print out from Google and said a dermatologist would come see me in the next couple of weeks to talk about his skin. 20150326_130346

The next day A wonderful doctor in hospital heard of Lincoln, he came and talked us through what we would see in the next couple of days, the skin shedding painfully and his eyelids hopefully falling back into place. They would do everything to keep him comfortable.cropped-img_3397.jpg

We took our baby home 2 weeks later. I can still remember the pure exhaustion sitting in the dark applying lotion to his fragile body.

Last year I wrote a blog for his First Birthday. I stated that his first year was life-altering to me and I assumed the rest of his life would be. I guess that would be an under statement, his second year of life was far more life-altering. I’ve been pushed to my limits and I’ve felt a sadness that I never knew was possible. A little over a month after Lincolns First birthday we were told he would have Brain surgery. After being told his surgery would only take 4 hours, 4 turned into 6 and 6 turned into 9. The doctor explained it with much confusion and yet held so much strength In his eyes, Lincoln had a major brain bleed and needed a blood transfusion.

They almost lost him.


After 6 brain surgeries, he has made it to TWO.

Lincoln was gifted the elephant when he was born from Nana. The puppy was from his First surgery for his Chiari. The second surgery was the Dino. The third surgery was the Zebra. The fourth and fifth was the Lion- his shunt revision and infection, then the new shunt. The last shunt malfunction was the Giraffe. I pray I don’t need to buy him anymore animals 😉



Not only has he just made it.


He has made it.kaysieberryphotography-13nr.jpg

He is meeting all his milestones with flying colors.

He is walking, running, dancing, hugging.kaysieberryphotographybw.jpg

If you spend at least 5 minutes near Lincoln you leave with a deep feeling of Joy.kaysieberryphotography-11.jpg

His giggle is contagious.kaysieberryphotography-3.jpg

His lips are the cutest when he says Choo Choo. kaysieberryphotography-14.jpg

He loves his brother and sister fiercely.kaysieberryphotography-33.jpg

He almost always has a smile on his face.kaysieberryphotography-15.jpg

He captivates me. kaysieberryphotography-22ed.jpg

Lincoln, I know you won’t remember everything you’ve had to endure this year, I hope you’ll never forget that you are so incredibly brave, you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

  Kid you’ll move mountains.Four_Rectangles.jpg

I said I endured sadness this last year. A lot has changed for our family. But I can proudly say I have found Joy and I’m resting on it. The Joy overpowers my sadness. I give thanks to God for bringing me to such a place. I thank God for keeping Lincoln safe, we have had one to many close calls..

I thank God everyday for this sweet wonderful boy who brings Joy. I thank God for the Laughter that overtakes him.

Happy Birthday Lincoln James!kaysieberryphotography222.jpg


2 thoughts on “TWO

  1. Thanks for this so-beautiful post of Lincoln’s “journey”…pictures “say” so much too! God is faithful, and He is good all the time! God has gifted you with writing…so “real”! Happy for this joy you have in seeing Lincoln celebrating year Two!  Praise the LORD!


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