First off Thank you everyone from all over the world for praying for Lincoln, we feel so loved by you all!

Our day has been a long one. His surgery was scheduled at 10:30 and ended up not starting until 1:30.



The 4 hour surgery turned into a 6 hour surgery.

Lincoln is okay.

The surgeons went into his brain with the basics they knew from the MRI. They started with putting the extra drain in one of his ventricles, and everything went smoothly for this procedure. Next they went in to take care of the cyst by opening the back of his head down his neck, they saw that the cyst had so much pressure behind it that it began to buldge out, He was surprised by the size and amount of pressure that had built up, they began to drain the cyst and the doctor said the amount of fluid started coming out like a fountain! In the meantime as the pressure started to subside from the draining it made the Dura (an outer layer of the brain with major blood vessels) shift and it began to bleed heavily.  They ended up closing that up with Titanium. He needed a blood transfusion with the amount of blood he lost.  So with the fountain of fluid coming out and the bleed, the doctor explained it was very stressful, he said that it’s not something that typically happens and he has only had about 5 cases in his career. The good news, is the bleed is under control and it shouldn’t affect anything for Lincoln. In the end they were able to create a natural flow of fluid. The extra drain they put in place is pinched off, but it’s there just in case pressure begins to increase in the next couple of days. They also were able to get rid of the Chari Malformation, he said that his was pertuting out farther than expected and was bunched up, they said he would have started showing bad symptoms of it in the next couple of years if they hadnt resolved it. They took care of a lot while in there, so blessed to have such knowledgeable doctors.   Day by day we will know what to expect for him while we are here, if he ends up needing a shunt, they will take care of it this week.



Please continue to pray for Lincoln, He is in a lot of pain. We have wonderful nurses here in the ICU and they seem to be trying their best to keep up on the meds. As of right now he is getting morphine every hour and is still very uncomfortable.

Good Night everyone.


4 thoughts on “Surgery

  1. Thank God! We will keep him and your family in our prayers.. May the lord bless you, protect you and guide your heart.


  2. Berry Family, you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers daily. Praying for our almighty healer to place his hands upon Lincoln giving him comfort and healing. I ask our Father to place a hedge of protection around each off you as you wait. Wait for new, sleep, comfort, peace. Love you all!!!


  3. So glad he is ok…Love and prayers to you all. I’m so relieved that he had the right people working on him and that they handled the situation the right way! I truly believe God was watching over him..


  4. Oh my gosh…My heart hurts reading this. We are praying for you guys! I can’t even imagine what you and Adam are currently going through. God is in control and God loves Lincoln more than we can comprehend. Lord Jesus please allow this surgery to have worked. Please heal little Lincoln. Please be with Adam and Kaysie and give them peace and strength….We are praying for you guys from afar! Thanks for keeping us updated.


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