Go. Set. Ready.

it all happened with a scratch.

“Adam, he scratched his ear raw, I’ve never heard him cry this bad before, the blood is everywhere, what are we going to do?”

That was November.

Since then Adam and God have been having this ongoing walk together.

It first started with a lead to a job in a more humid climate.


We played with the idea of moving to Washington and we were deep in prayer about it. Our anniversary was in January and we decided we would go check it out.

The lead to a job turned into an interview.

It was December as we were planning out our trip to Washington. You all know how tight money is in December.

We sat at the computer and after we had picked a place to stay, the flight and the cost of rental car, it was just to expensive.

“lets just shut the computer down, If God wants us to go he will make it happen.” -Adam

The next day Adam gets an email from his potential job, and they offered to pick up the tab for our hotel stay. We had just enough money for flights and a car…

Happy 7 year anniversary.


We get to Washington and its sunny and has a spring like smell.  The little town we were checking out is called Bellingham, its a between Seattle and Vancouver. We decide to take the long way and visit Sudden Valley. A valley that has a blanket of moss and ferns that cloak the environment. MOSS TREE

We are completely in awe with this state.


“yeah I mean I guess we could live here.”-me

We end up meeting with a Realtor, she is so sweet and brightens up everything about looking for a home, I mean her name is Joy! We drove around and looked at 3 different towns surrounding Bellingham. We love sudden valley and a little Dutch town called Lynden.

Adam goes in for his interview, everything goes great and they gave him an idea of what he could be looking at as far as a job.

We have dinner with the manager of the company that night.

“We had a meeting after you left today and it looks like we may need you sooner than we thought.”

I had my fitbit on and my resting HR was 104.

As we left the restaurant we couldn’t believe that this could possibly be happening. Every type of emotion came over us and at that moment all we could do is ask God what he wanted in this.

We got back to Colorado and of course Adam was a mess, all he wanted to do was what was right for our family. Its a big move. no pun intended.

I got in this depression about the idea, all the what ifs came over me like a dark cloud arising for a thunderstorm, then the storm hit and my heart started to break.




our dream home.


all gone.

As a mothers heart I didn’t know what I could handle. Do I sacrifice everything here in our home for one child? my little sensitive Zion doesn’t take change well, that’s a lot of change. Ruthie is well Ruthie she just tags along but Zion… oh man, me I’m probably going to get depressed…

The rain, I like rain, I like Colorado rain. I don’t like the 24\7 5 months in a row Washington rain.

Then it hit me. Adam is walking in this with God. I am his wife and I will follow him.

I just asked God to give me a sign, just something blunt to let me know he hears me.

We had lincolns Genetic appointment. The one we have been waiting for since he was born. I was a complete mess that day and I couldn’t pin point why.

As the geneticist looked at Lincoln and went over his results they came to the conclusion that he has Bathing Suit Ichthyosis- BSI

                                                       Less than 20 patients are reported in the literature.

This particular skin aspect appears after the sheading of a collodion membrane (what Lincoln was born in) observed at birth. Contrarily to other forms of ARCI, the members (in exception of the folds) and the face are not affected by ichthyosis. Scales are present on warmer skin areas such as the trunk, the scalp, and the axillary region. On affected areas, the patient present with scales similar to those observed in lamellar ichthyosis (LI).

BSI is caused by specific thermo-sensitive mutations in the TGM1 gene. Affected skin areas (warmer areas), show a clearly reduced enzyme activity in contrast to healthy skin areas that demonstrate an almost normal enzyme activity. Transmission is autosomal recessive.

In human terms that means that Lincolns Skin reacts to heat. When he gets overheated he will start to scale. He has scales on his head- where your body produces the most heat, and on his tummy and back- hes always dressed there.

“sooo your telling me that heat makes Lincoln more apt to scale?” ” Like in Colorado when its summer he will have more scales, thus making his ichthyosis worse, and him more uncomfortable.”



From the 40 day challenge Draw The Circle.

There are moments in life when you need to quit a job, make a move, or end a dating relationship. And you need to take that step without knowing what the next step will be. Don’t wait for more revelation; be obedient to the amount of revelation God has given you.

There is an old adage: ready, set, go. And I know its predicated on the importance of preparation. But I think its backward. You’ll never be ready. You’ll never be set. Sometimes you just need to go for it. The sequence of faith is this: Go. Set. Ready.

Some people spend their entire lives getting ready for what God wants them to do, but they never end up doing it because they never come to the realization that they’ll never be ready.

If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life.

If you take the first step, God will reveal the second step. The problem is that most of us want the twenty-five-year plan. We want to know exactly where we’re going and exactly when we’ll get there, but God doesn’t operate that way. He gives us just enough revelation, just enough grace, just enough strength. Why? so we will live on daily dependence on Him.

Adam got his job offer this week.

We leave for Washington Feb 20.

Peace and Courage- who would have thought those words were going to mean so much to us this year.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with adam wherever he goes.”

Peace I leave with kaysie; my peace I give kaysie. I do not give to kaysie as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

Please Pray for us

to find a home

adjust well

the kids

The ease of finding doctors for Lincoln. He has 7 different doctors here.

adam acclimate to his new job.

new friends

a church to call home.



4 thoughts on “Go. Set. Ready.

  1. Oh my, Tears just keep welling up in my eyes! Change is not easy, but I can not tell you how much it warms my heart to see what you as parents will do for your child. You are both amazing people, and I’m so proud to call you my family.


  2. You and Adam have this Kaysie! Your love, strength and family will grow and be strong! You two are an awesome example of being obedient to God’s call in your lives. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to get to know you. Best wishes!


  3. Thank you for this post–from your heart, Kaysie! Praying around all the details you mentioned…and sending encouragement –from Isaiah 41:13…”For I am the LORD your God ( so personal) , Who takes hold or your right hand ( sovereign) and says to you (Kaysie and Adam) , ‘Do not fear, I will help you!’ ”   I just wrote a note to Kema that I had some friends (Dena and Bruce Netherton) who moved to Bellingham last year, Fall time.  They love the area…she is a writer, and has done research in the area for a number of years now for a series of books she is writing.  She always wanted to live in the Northwest and the LORD granted her long-time request.  They have found a church I believe she told me in a recent email…both have music degrees. Bruce works for a large company out of the Denver area, but he travels a lot…uses the Seattle airport!  I’ve know them a long time…they have 3 children, all married with children…2 families live in the Longmont area, the other in California.   Anyway, just a thought…they are such loving people. Dena works as a volunteer in the Crisis Pregnancy Center there.   Love you, and praying…thanks for sharing your heart! Annie    


  4. Wow Kaysie, big move! I instantly think, no dont go! You guys are such a precious, special family, I wish we lived closer. Then I realize we probably wont see you any less as we hardly get up your direction anyway : ) Little Lincoln has a special place in my heart, I really think you guys are going to like Bellingham and close by. I have a friend up there who absolutely loves it! My other good friend lives in Fort collins and says that is one place she’d move to in a heartbeat. Remember God wont drop you or leave you! My favorite verses are Proverbs 3:5-6 (Authorized)

    5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart;
    and lean not unto thine own understanding.
    6 In all thy ways acknowledge him,
    and he shall direct thy paths.

    When you are including him, and looking for direction, looking for things to slot into place, God wont desert you, he promises to be with us every step and direct us. Dont dwell in thoughts of ‘what ifs’ and worries, God got it all it control!

    We will be praying for you all. We also have friends up in Vancouver, bc etc, so hopefully one of these days we can road trip up and see you guys! Keep in touch!
    Em xxx


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