Can you imagine moving into your dream house, having a successful business while being a stay at home mom, living by your support system your family and your best friends. Then in a blink of an eye having the thought of starting all over again, up rooting your family and everything you know? Leaving your state- the only place you have ever called home. Just because of a skin condition? People often move for a change, to be close to family or even a job opportunity.

It’s really hard to not be in total control of something. Like the weather for instance. IF I could i’d make the weather at a constant 78 degrees with 80 percent humidity for Lincoln. HA! that’s not going to happen here in Colorado, the only reason the humidity is ever high is because its raining.

He lived in a cozy warm humidifier incubator set at 65 % for the first two weeks of his life.

He now lives in whatever colorados crazy weather may be at that given time, We have a built-in humidifier in our home. His bedroom has a huge humidifier that is running 24/7 so he can sleep comfortably, that’s just not enough humidity.

“what if God is leading you where he wants you to go through Lincoln?”

“where should we go?”

“this is all we know”

“our family”

“our friends”

“your job”

“his doctors”

“the stress of the kids uprooting everything”

“selling our dream home”

“starting over”

“lets pray about it.”

Lincolns story was posted in the local newspaper. The Carbon Valley Consumer.

Within one day we had a sweet lady named Peggy donate their timeshare for us to check out and see how Lincoln would do in the humidity.

“wow this is happening fast”

We had countless prayers being sent to us through email, letters, phone calls.

We decided we would book a trip to FL and see how he does.

We went to Florida for 10 days.

I didn’t want it to get better, i don’t want to move, but my mama heart so desperately wanted to see Lincoln comfortable.

His skin did do better. a lot better. In Colorado I apply Vaseline mixture 4- 6x a day. in Fl i did it 3 times. no not a day, 3 times we were there.

With ichthyosis the scales build up very quickly, the bath tub helps tremendously in aiding to control the scales as they come. The tricky part is the scalp. When scales build up on the scalp it gets out of control because the hair attaches and it’s really hard for the scales to release. if you don’t get the scale to release then more and more skin will pile up. Well in florida the scales started to release and I was able to basically-in a non irritating way to Lincoln just pull them off. as you can see in the picture. That was the third day we were there and then the last day we were there.

12042627_10153173360052947_2486093781156676578_n 11986380_10153173358322947_8340786541167609586_n 12004040_10153173358452947_898367183556714871_n

Will we be moving to Florida? Texas? anywhere with humidity?

Even though the humidity helped Lincolns skin, we are managing as well as we can here in Colorado. For us to move our whole family not knowing how Lincoln feels seems kind of silly. We decided we would get through this crazy Colorado winter and see how he does. If he seems ok then we will wait until he is old enough to tell us how the humidity is really doing for him, if he is expresses to us that he does and feels better with the extra humidity then we will go from there.

We continue to thank everyone for your love and your prayers.

Again Thank you Peggy for your generous donation and allowing us to use your time share, we had much needed time as a family.

We finally got to meet my dear friend Rose and her family. Her son Raylen also has ichthyosis and she expressed that it helped his skin tremendously as well.

IMG_8623 1625593_10153173359632947_8450250360428467574_n 12033128_10153173359677947_7774554117667239508_n


Our trip through photos some photos!

12038011_10153173360682947_2625197761237565789_n 12033051_10153173360197947_7759399783253822816_n 12003263_10153173359472947_417252158960089484_n 12049211_10153173363532947_5808695748735437318_n  IMG_8470IMG_20150910_121513IMG_20150910_130709IMG_20150910_203308IMG_20150911_195150IMG_20150911_195340IMG_20150911_195406IMG_20150911_195444IMG_20150912_205228IMG_20150912_20553820150910_183032

IMG_9215k IMG_9045 IMG_9145bw IMG_9157IMG_8851IMG_9060

I’ll leave you with what is on our hearts.

God show us where you want us to go. Salt water on his toes, or mountain caps full of snow.

God you’re in control

bitter. sweet

I know you wont fail me. You’re in control

Be still my heart says. shalom

be still it continues.

Lincolns skin so soft, I can hardly breath. Humidity or healing.

speak to me o God tell what this is. Sea salt in the sea or the works of your hands unseen.

Make him clean, do not fail me, you have said yes.

The air beneath his skin so moist. Be glorified.

You alone stretched out the heavens, you spread out the earth by yourself.

This can be done. You have spoken, you have purpose and you will do it.


2 thoughts on “Florida

  1. How amazing! There are so many wonderful people in this world. I’m glad that so many of them want so much to help little Lincoln. Including you guys! That would be a huge change, but whatever you decide I know you will succeed! We love you guys!


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