Morning of March 21


On Saturday March 21 I woke up in the middle of the night and thought my water had broken, I went back to sleep and got up at 6 with some mild contractions that were 8 min apart… thinking to my self ” hmmm just some more Braxton hicks, I’m not even 35 weeks yet, these can’t possibly be real, do I pack my bag?” Around 8 I was watching the clock and realized the contractions were 4 min apart and they were getting stronger. I started to pack my hospital bag, told Adam to pack his- he was in denial as well ” babe, lets finish big hero 6 with the kids” and then remembered that Lincoln needed his going home outfit and packed that.

“Kaysie your probably just having preterm contractions, lets check you and then if all is good you can go home”

your water has slightly broke, and your 4 cm dilated, your defiantly in labor.

He’s still breech, we are going to have to perform a C Section.

Within 5 min I have the NICU doctor, my OB, anesthesiologist, and the LandD nurse at my bedside telling me how my life is about to change. All I could do is shake and cry.

“Im not ready for this, I CANT have a C section, I haven’t prepared myself for this, hes going be so small”  “adam this is just a crazy pregnancy dream and im going to wake up right?

If you have ever had a C section you know how the room is layed out- its pretty darn intense. Bright Cold Surgical Tools everywhere, Too many people for my liking. I just want my husband and my baby.

Adam walks in in his Surgical attire looking ever so handsome.  As we wait behind the blue curtain for our third child to be born I find a reflection and I can see everything happening, my son comes out not breathing and I lost it. only seconds later they unwrap the twice wrapped cord from around his neck and his breathing. Thank God, he’s breathing and alive and so small. They put him on me for skin to skin only to be taken away way to soon.

Adam looks at me with a concern in his face that I have never in the last 7 years seen.

“they think he has a skin condition”

to be continued…


One thought on “Morning of March 21

  1. Kaysie, He will be just fine. The c-section is scary I had an emergency c-section. It’s hard in the beginning. My daughter was born at 27 weeks 1 pound 12 oz 13 1/2 inches long. She breathed on her own. She is going to be 22 this May. Prayers and thoughts are with all of you.


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